Friday, September 13, 2013

Game, Weddings and family time

2 weeks ago we headed to Manhattan for the weekend. We actually left after work on Thursday so we could go to Purple Power Play on Poyntz (k-state pep rally).  It was too hot to go early for bounce houses and other activities so we went after we grilled at my dads. We had hoped to see coach Bill and some football players but they were there the night before. Collins still enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and baton twirler. And she looked super cute if I do say so myself.
Derek and his sister wives :)

Friday the kids were up early. Why doesn't the stay up late, sleep late work on them?? We had a funeral for my great uncle that morning followed by lunch. 

Collins got to meet Claire! Her mom and I were were best friends growing up and she is married to my 2nd cousin. Sad we didn't get to see you Emily but it was nice to see Claire and TJ!

After that it was home for naps and then the k-state game! I don't remember why we played on a Friday but it was kind of nice.  We waited till 5:30 to head up to the game since we had all the kids but it was still 90+ degrees. We didn't last too long at the tailgate before heading inside and finding shade! We grabbed some food and then made our way to our seats. I was sssooo thankful we were in the shade but it was still miserable with everyone packed in like sardines. We only lasted in our seats the first quarter and left the game at half. We finished watching the miserable game in the AC complete with pizza shuttle.

Saturday my dad cooked us his delicious biscuits and gravy and we relaxed all morning. We tried going to So Long for lunch but with a 45 min. wait, 90 degrees and 4 kids, we (mostly me), said no way. So while everyone else went bowling, Derek, Collins and I went and ate at Willies so Collins could get a nap in. We had 2 weddings to attend that night so she needed it.  The first wedding was Derek's cousin. We didn't leave there till 8 so I had Amber pick up Collins before Derek and I headed to his friends wedding. We thought it would last till midnight and then we would go out but when it ended at 10pm and nobody wanted to go out, we went back to dads and had some drinks with Amy and Amber.

Up early again on Sunday and a yummy breakfast before heading back to KC. It was a crazy busy weekend but it was so good to be back home.
Checking out the birds with papa Long

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