Monday, September 16, 2013

365: Days 235-252

Aug 20- I just wanted to crawl in and cuddle her

Aug 21-Nine months. Doesn't seem possible

Aug 22- First (and only) bath with a boy. They were covered in sand

Aug 23- mmmm rice. Girls gotta love mexican food if she wants to be in this family

Aug 24- She is obsessed with this baby doll

Aug 25- Nothing can stop this girl

Aug 26- She loves waiting for the dogs to come back
Aug 27-Spaghetti face

Aug 28- Pulling out every single bowl while I make breakfast

Aug 29- 1st K-State game. 90+ degrees and all

Aug 30- Our little family at a wedding

Sept 1- Queen of making messes

Sept 2- She learns way too much from the dogs. 

Sept 3- "Get these shoes off me!"

Sept 4- Getting used to walking in shoes

Sept 5- Staring at herself in the bath

Sept 6- 9 month check up. Bow stays on so she doesn't look like a boy :)

Sept 7- Play date with Audrey. Cutest K-State fans

Sept 8- You little...

Sept 9- Hi pretty baby

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