Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I took Collins to the doctor a few weeks ago because I thought she might have acid reflux. They wanted me to try gas drops first before putting her on a twice a day prescription. Well things haven't got better...

I had CPR and First Aid training last Thursday and Friday night so Collins stayed home with Derek. On my way home Friday, I called to see how she was. Derek couldn't even talk on the phone cause she was screaming so bad. Mommy mode kicked in and I was crying and flying down the interstate to get home. I think her stomach was really hurting her cause it was definitely a pain cry and she wouldn't take a bottle for him, projectile vomited on him, and just couldn't get comfortable. She luckily passed out when I nursed her but we decided we were taking her to the doctor first thing

Saturday morning. They only take walk ins on Saturday so we went an hour after they opened and expected to have to wait an hour to be seen. Luckily we were pretty much the only ones there and they saw us right away. After I explained her symptoms (fussiness, spitting up, congestion, etc) they finally put us on reflux medicine.  They said it can take a week or 2 for the medicine to work but I was so thankful to get medicine to hopefully make her feel better.

The nurse we saw Saturday called this morning to see how she was doing and told me she should have told me to cut out dairy too. Collins occasionally has some blood in her stool and she thinks it might be caused by a dairy allergy. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with cheese and puppy chow but I want Collins to feel better so no dairy for this girl for a few days. They also sent us home with something to collect a sample of her bloody stool to run tests on it. Oh the joys of parenthood :)

After reading all this you probably think she is a fussy, sick baby but 90% of the day she is so happy and content. I love waking up to this smiley little girl. I pray this medicine helps her tummy feel better. Breaks my heart to hear her cry in pain.


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  1. Aww I hope the medicine helps her. She does seem like a happy baby from what I read. And calling your so and hearing your baby cry on the other end is not the greatest feeling. Jesse has had to call me at work so Jaxen can hear my voice just to calm down. You guys are doing a great job :)