Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 months

 We had her 2 month check up today and she is a growing girl! Besides her dairy allergy, she is healthy as can be.  The doctor gave us some formula for her dairy allergy if we decided to go that route. I tried this afternoon and she wouldn't take the first bottle but drank all 3oz the second bottle I offered her. I wasn't prepared to stop nursing yet so it's been an emotional day trying to outweight the pros and cons of continuing to nurse or not. We're trying to talk to the doctor about doing an allergy test early to confirm if it's dairy or something else. She wants us to give it a month and if there hasn't been a significant change, then we could do an allergy test or see a GI doctor. I just want an answer because I don't want to eat something she might be allergic too and I don't want to stop breastfeeding if it's something I can easily eliminate from my diet. So yeah, it's confusing and frustrating. I just want her congestion, bloody stools and reflux to go away and we're pretty sure it's all correlated to the allergy.
So enough with all that.
At 2 months, Collins is a happy, talkative, occasionally laughing, chubby cheeks girl. She is an amazing sleeper and is pretty continent throughout the day. She lights up when she sees people or the dogs and can carry on quite the conversation. My sister took the video below on Sunday and I crack up when she gives my mom her mean mug at the end. She isn't a big fan or tummy time but can hold her head up really well so I don't push it too much. She likes to lay on her back and kick her feet and look around but hasn't attempted rolling over yet. She has started to grasp things and really enjoys looking at her toys. She is in 0-3 month clothes and fit into 3-6 month pajamas last night.
I'll probably say this every month but I can't believe how fast time is going. She is our whole world and we love her to pieces.

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  1. Aww whatever the result down the road if you have to give up breastfeeding just know Collins will love you no matter what. Keeping the closeness and security and love is what counts in the end and from what I read on ffacebook and your blog this lil girl is loved 100%. Quit a happy and content baby. I've heard of woman who had to stop breast feeding but still continued skin to skin contact. Hoping the best for you guys.