Monday, December 10, 2012

Weeks 2 and 3

Almost 3 weeks into this parenting thing and I'm already neglecting the blog. My apologies dad and grandma (pretty sure they both check this daily to see if I have posted anything).

We're still surviving around here. Collins will be 3 weeks on Wednesday (how?!?!) and has been a great baby 90% of the time. We've thought she has had acid reflux since she was born but after hearing her scream for 3+ hours this morning which resulted in me in tears too, we got into the doctor this afternoon to see what they thought. She definitely shows signs of acid reflux but they want us to try gas drops first. The medicine for acid reflux is a twice daily prescription so they want to try her on something else first. They said with acid reflux, they are fussy every time after they eat and she is usually only fussy some evenings so we are hoping the gas drops will be the solution. On the bright side, she was 7lbs 7oz at her appointment today. Definitely gaining some weight!

So other then a couple fussy episodes, she has been a great baby. She sleeps A LOT. She is spoiling us like crazy right now and sleeping 5+ hours at night. I hope this sticks around because it's been wonderful. She's usually awake a little in the mornings (and morning to her is 10am) and then for a few hours in the evening. We have started to give her nightly baths in hopes of relaxing her before bed but she hates baths so there isn't much relaxing going on. She cries so hard during baths and getting lotion on, she usually eats and passes out so I guess we'll take it.

 Passed out

Passed out part 2

We spend most of our days at home but usually have at least 1 errand to run everyday. I have left her with Derek a couple times while I have ran a quick errand and yesterday auntie Amber insisted I drop her off with her while I went to the grocery store so she has officially been "babysat."

That's pretty much all that's been going on around here. I'll leave you with some pictures from my phone.


Pretty baby

Looking adorable in her owl hat

She would rather watch TV then look at her toys

With cousin Aiden

With her friend Ryann. She can't wait for Ryann's little sister to arrive
We have been wearing our Christmas outfits...


  1. Aww! Love all the updates! I am sure you have heard of gripe water from friends/family... It was an amazing find for us with Reagan when she was a newbie. <3

  2. Aw poor baby was crying that long? Poor baby, and mommy! Glad you posted this on your facebook because I am awful about checking blogger! Love my little baby and I miss her soooo much!