Friday, December 21, 2012

Month 1

How in the heck has it already been a month?! This little girl has completely stolen our hearts. We think every little noise and movement she does is the cutest thing in the world and we constantly fight over who gets to hold her and who she looks like (more people say me. So there Derek)!
She is a rockstar sleeper at night only stirring when she gets hungry and never completely waking up. Is staying awake longer and longer during the day. Usually content to just sit and look around. Pretty fussy in the evenings.
Does great taking a bottle when we need her to. Takes a pumped bottle before bed to ensure she is nice and full.
Starting to only fall asleep if she has her momma. It's a habit I don't want to start so I try and make Derek take her and rock her. He's great at getting her to sleep.
Melts our hearts with her smile. Their sometimes hard to get out of her but there is nothing better in the world then seeing her great big smile.
Tries really hard to talk and can occasionally get some coos out. Again, best thing in the world.
Holds her head up really high and can bare weight on her legs.
 She is very alert when she's awake and can track things.
Had her 1 month appt. today and is doing great. She had 1 shot and she let out 1 high pitched squeal and then was ok.
Can't wait to celebrate her 1st Christmas in 4 days. Going out of town for the first time tomorrow and we are hoping she is a good traveler. I've been excited for Christmas since the day we found out she was a girl.  My very own doll to dress for Christmas. She might need a separate suitcase for her bows.
Is one loved little girl.

Not always going to be this easy to get her to take these pics on the chair

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