Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brooks at two

I seriously can't believe our little guy has been with us for 2 years! I still have not bought the poor kid a baby book so I'm so glad I've done a decent job with these updates.

Stats| He is finally getting back on the chart for weight, coming in at 24 pounds (10%) and 33.5 inches (25%) for his height.  He's basically the size of a one year old so he still seems like such a baby to me. I think all the doctor role play at home has made my kids love the doctor.  Our pediatrician had an intern following her around and she goes "I'm going to let you take a look at this one cause you won't find many 2 year olds that are this good." They laid him down to measure him and when they were done he said "one more." Then we ended with 2 shots that had him in tears so we'll see if he likes that place when we go back again. 

Sleeping| When he's in his crib he's an awesome sleeper, when we are out of town he usually sleeps with me and neither of us get any sleep.  He's usually in his crib for the night around 7:45pm and wakes up around 7am and naps from about 12:30-2:30. He'll yell for me when he wakes up but when we go in there, he doesn't want out of his crib.  He wants to lay and snuggle with his blanket until we force him out.  We are on day 3 of no binky and it hasn't been too terrible.  He got to put them inside of a monkey at build a bear and now Binky the monkey sleeps with him.  Not going to lie, I wanted to cave the first night and give him one of the 6 binkies I still have hidden.  He was yelling "mama! Binky!" and it was pulling at my heart. But after 1.5 hours, he finally fell asleep.  He cries a little bit throughout the night and there have been some tears still at nap and bedtime but we're on the homestretch and his teeth will thank me. 

Eating| He's a big meal time eater and not much of a snacker.  He'll rarely turn food down but he usually has no interest in an afternoon snack.  The perfect meal in his eyes would be lasagna, corn on the cobb and mandarin oranges. And "nandy" for dessert.  He's got a strong sweet tooth and if he hears the word candy, he will not shut up till he gets some.  The only kind of milk we can get him to drink are those danimal yogurt drinks.

Language| I have slow talkers but I believe Brooks is even less of a talker, than Collins was at this age.  I brought it up at his well visit and anytime the doctor asked him something, Collins answered for him.  So we believe that's playing a huge role.  I'm counting his words for a few days and if it falls way below 50 words, we'll get him evaluated.  I'm anxious to see if his speech picks up more now that Collins is in school a couple mornings a week and it will just be him and I.  I feel like I'm playing Pictionary with him throughout the day cause he'll use body actions to communicate.  For example, if you ask him wear he got his stamp from, the answer is gymnastics but he'll do a somersault.  I'm sure his vocabulary will bloom just like Collins' did. 

Playing| He is all boy with his toy choices.  He loves all sports, baseball being his favorite.  We haven't braved a Royals game with him yet but hopefully in the next month or two.  Whenever he watches them on TV, he says "splash!" because he loves watching the Salvy splash at the end of the game.  He is the happiest outside and is obsessed with his motorized motorcycle nana got him for his birthday.  He took gymnastics over the summer and loved it. He listened surprisingly well and did a great job.  He was also a fish at the pool this summer and was jumping in by himself by the end of the summer.  Despite their hourly fights, him and Collins get along pretty well.  He's going to make a good daddy one day as much as he plays babies with her. 
 Brooks, your onrery, sweet, funny, cute, happy and smart all rolled up into a little body.  You are a big mommies boy and fill my heart so full.  I wasn't sure if I could handle a boy but you have showed me that I was wrong and that your exactly what our family needed.  We love you like crazy and hope that two isn't too terrible.
As always, thank you The Studio for capturing our family. 

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