Monday, March 14, 2016

Brooks at 18 months

He's nearly 19 months but you know what they say, better late than never! And since I haven't even bought him a baby book, I better get an update on the good ole blog.

This will not come as a surprise but little man weighed in at 21 pounds 3oz (3%) and 31 inches (21%). We just don't make large kids. I will say though, he was diagnosed with RSV at this appointment so his eating had been horrible. He weighed 22 pounds the week before when we went to doc for ear infection. You got it, RSV and ear infection all in a weeks time. Before Christmas, he had never been sick (other then a cold) since Christmas (Eve to be exact) he's had croupe, fevers and a sore throat on top of what I already mentioned. Needless to say, we are ready for warmer weather.

Despite his low weight, he can eat like a teenager. He goes through picky stages but he's a pretty great eater. Usually eating 2 helping at every meal. Breakfast foods are his love language and since Collins isn't a big breakfast eater, he gets to polish off her food too. He only likes to drink water. Juice is effy and milk is a big fat NO. We've tried every flavor under the sun and he refuses. So he gets lots of yogurt, cheese and a vitamin. Still wearing 12-18 month clothes. 

Some of his vocabulary includes oh no, no no no (think he hears no very often?), sish (sis), amba (amber), mamy (Amy), tuck (truck) etc. I'm horrible at writing down words he's said but needless to say, he does a decent job repeating any word you ask him too. Only if he wants to though. He could care less about learning his body parts.  He probably knows them but he's sort of a punk. He for sure knows where his belly button is and want's to see everybody's after he shows his.

He loves balls and throws a fit every time we come in from playing outside. We just got our yard fenced so he may spend 99% of Spring and Summer out there. I'll toss him food and water every now and then. He is becoming quite independent and wants to help with meal prep, cleaning, laundry, etc. Kind of nice, kind of annoying. Speaking of nice, he is not always that. He knows how to push buttons and can really get on his sisters' nerves. He is for sure a mam's boy and pretty much wants to be attached to me 80% of the day.  We recently went to an indoor pool and he was hesitant at first but warmed right up.  I think he's going to be a fish like his sister this summer. He likes blues clues, dancing and trying to do everything Collins does.  He dislikes me leaving, the 4:30-5:30pm hour and his sister always being in his face. 
Sleeping is his strong point. He sleeps from about 7:30pm-7:30am and takes a 2-3 hour nap.  We haven't braved taking the binky away yet but we try to only give it to him when he's sleeping.  He also loves to cuddle a blanket when he sleeps and prefers his crib. I kind of dread going out of town cause he doesn't always sleep good in a pack n play. 

Brooks, you run wild all day and wear your mommy out.  But at the end of the day, when your fast asleep in your crib, I miss your little guts.  Love you so so much. 

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